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Strategic Business Consulting

Offered by ESHIPCARE's established innovation and entrepreneurship industry leaders, experts, and strategic advisers.

Development | Optimization | Growth
+ Business Model
+ Business Strategies
+ Business Plan 
+ Form your Company

Creative Design Services

Powered by EPIC CONTENT, an award winning digital advertising agency with a decade of experience.
[An ESHIPCARE Company]

Design | Development | Maintenance
+ Brand / Identity 
+ Website & Microsite 
+ Social Media Management
+ Business Marketing Collaterals

Software & App Solutions

Powered by ABACUS INTERACTIVE, a software & app solutions agency with a focus on technology-driven startups. [An ESHIPCARE Company]

Design | Development | Management
+ Native, Web, & Hybrid App
+ Web Applications & Software
+ Custom Information Systems
+ Data Analytics & Optimization

Accounting Services

Supported by our CPA partners.

Business Legal Services

Supported by our LLP partners.


Your first step to the Eship funding.

Strategic Business Consulting

Elevate your business with our Strategic Business Consulting services. From crafting robust business models and strategic plans to optimizing existing processes, we specialize in guiding you through every stage of development for a successful and growth-oriented enterprise. Form, refine, and flourish with our comprehensive expertise in business strategy.  

Creative Design Services

Transform your brand with our Creative Design Services. From crafting captivating brand identities and websites to managing social media presence and developing impactful marketing collateral, we specialize in the full spectrum of design—from inception to execution and maintenance. Elevate your visual identity and leave a lasting impression with our expert design solutions. 

Software and App Solutions

Unlock the potential of your digital landscape with our Software and App Solutions. From designing intuitive and efficient native, web, and hybrid apps to developing robust web applications, we specialize in the complete life cycle of software and app development. Experience seamless design, development, and management for your software and app needs. 

our creative design services partner \ An ESHIPCARE Company


EPIC CONTENT is a Los Angeles based full service digital advertising agency established in 2012. The creative agency is specialized in brand/identity, website & microsite design and development, social media management, and business marketing collaterals. Whether it’s a digital or print project, EPIC CONTENT is here to help you. 

[An ESHIPCARE Company]

Epic Content
Our Software & app solutions partner \ AN ESHIPCARE COMPANY


ABACUS INTERACTIVE is a global company with offices in Los Angeles and Casablanca. Founded in 2008, ABACUS INTERACTIVE is a software and app solutions agency that a focuses on technology-driven startups. 

[An ESHIPCARE Company]

Abacus Interactive

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

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